Yung-Hsiang Kao - Principal Scientist, Process Development

Yung-Hsiang Kao

Principal Scientist, Process Development

Postdoc Mentor
"By focusing most heavily on proteins that respond to biological stimuli, transmit essential signals, or convert signals into function, we believe there is an opportunity to discover novel biology and impact the lives or patients with debilitating diseases."
Years at Genentech
Publications at Genentech

I joined Genentech in 1995. as a post-doctoral fellow to study glycosylated protein and peptide using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. I also began to work on NMR applications for supporting biopharmaceutical product development.

After completing my post-doctoral research, I took a Scientist position at Genentech. My group, currently including an NMR lab and a protein characterization lab, provides analytical supports for product characterization, assay development and validation, process development, process validation, and production troubleshooting.

Featured Publication

Mechanism of Antibody Reduction in Cell Culture Production Processes.

Biotechnology and Bioengineering 107, 622-632 (2010).

Yung-Hsiang Kao, Daniel P. Hewitt, Melody Trexler-Schmidt, and Michael W. Laird