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Transforming Cells into Medicine

Genentech is the first biotechnology company to scale up protein manufacturing successfully from the small quantities used for research to the much larger quantities needed for clinical trials and marketing. This is in large part due to our Pharma Technical North America (PTNA) Operations group.

PTNA Operations turns cells into the final medicine that is delivered to patients, managing all aspects of manufacturing and supply, including quality, engineering and supply chain. These functions support Genentech's end-to-end process, which consists of two primary operations:

  • Substance production — using genetically modified cells to serve as mini-factories that can manufacture the required proteins.
  • Product production — creating the final formulation of the medicine into a sterile liquid or powder that is placed in a vial, syringe or device and packaged for worldwide distribution.

During all phases of this process, our goal is clear: support Genentech's business sustainability with uninterrupted supply to patients while meeting quality and compliance requirements as efficiently as possible.

Today, the combined organization of Genentech and Roche is a world leader in biologics manufacturing, with more FDA-approved manufacturing capacity for the production of biotech medicines than any other company.