Whether you're a current student or a recent graduate, planning a path to a great career is an important step in your future successes. Genentech values your commitment to your education, and it's your passion for learning that is the primary reason you'd become a successful member of our team.

You can explore your career options through our highly regarded summer internship program, become a part of our flexible student co-op experience or apply directly to Genentech as a recent graduate. If you're an MBA student, you can also apply to our challenging 10 to 12-week internship program, which will expand the limits of your knowledge while you work on projects that will have a real impact.

Discover Diverse People With Common Bonds

Genentech's highly diverse work environment brings together employees from all corners of the globe and from countless employment and educational backgrounds. What is their common link? It's a passion to excel and a deep commitment to our mission of developing drugs that address significant unmet medical needs.

In addition, you'll be able to build a remarkable and rewarding career — plus your own unique career path — in departments such as:

  • Research and Early Development
  • Process Development
  • Product Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Finance
  • Global Pharma Procurement
  • Corporate Groups

So, whether you're still deciding on a career path, are seeking valuable internship experience, or want to find out more of what Genentech can offer you as a recent graduate or MBA student, explore the many opportunities we have to help you build a meaningful and successful career.