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“At Genentech, we embrace the increasingly diverse world around us. Our mission is to deliver scientific innovations that drive better outcomes for our people, patients, business, and communities by advancing and boldly championing diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

Quita Beeler Highsmith, Chief Diversity Officer, Genentech

Embracing D&I at Genentech and Beyond

We know diversity and inclusion (D&I) are critical to the success of our company and our impact on society. Embracing D&I within and beyond our walls drives innovation across our business, improves scientific and clinical outcomes, and helps contribute to equitable healthcare access. We’re taking a broad approach to D&I at Genentech, centered around three core pillars: fostering belonging for our people, advancing inclusive research and health equity for all patients, and investing in transformative partnerships that strengthen D&I across healthcare, education and within all communities.

Foster Belonging

We believe that by championing diversity of background, thought and experience, we can foster an environment where every employee feels valued, included, and able to contribute their best for the patients we serve. We’re focused on attracting, retaining, developing and advancing our people to their full potential by rewarding bold ways of thinking and integrating inclusive behaviors into every aspect of our work.

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Advancing Inclusive Research & Health Equity

There’s an urgent need to advance health equity - from diverse patient representation in clinical research to access to care for all patients. We must work to understand the drivers behind the disparities that exist today and collaborate across the healthcare ecosystem to tackle them. We’re focused on advancing the inclusion of underrepresented groups in research, development, and care delivery to enrich scientific insights, achieve health equity and ensure access for all.

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Transform Society

Advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion is challenging, complex and requires broad societal transformation. The kind of progress we want to see requires commitment and collaboration not just within but - importantly - beyond our walls. That’s why we’re investing and cultivating partnerships across healthcare, education, and within all communities.

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