Doing Good

At Genentech, we are compelled to give back and make meaningful contributions to society. We believe that philanthropy fuels change, mentoring makes a difference and many sets of hands are better than one. Through ongoing, incremental acts of kindness, we can achieve great outcomes for our communities and our patients.


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A Genentech science education program to inspire the next generation of scientists.

Twenty Years of Dreams

Gary Stewart and his family allowed us to join them on their trip to Disneyworld, where they shared their story and their experiences with the Dream Foundation.

Michelle's Journey

Michelle Aguayo works to help patients get the medicines they need, regardless of their ability to pay.

Gene Academy

Gene Academy pairs elementary school kids in South San Francisco public schools with volunteer mentors at Genentech to learn science, math, reading, and more.

Celebrating Patient Stories

Metastatic breast cancer (mBC) affects people of all ages and backgrounds. Genentech raises awareness about this disease and everyone it affects with videos and stories from this resilient community.

Calling All Citizen Scientists

Discover the connection between DNA and one very bad piece of cheese.

A Patient-centric Approach

In this video short, you will get some touching insight into how Genentech works hand in hand with advocacy groups to make patients’ lives better and longer.

First Descents

Through outdoor adventure, First Descents empowers young people dealing with cancer.

How We Work

Scientists know that the work they’re doing has a profound impact on people’s lives. In this video they talk about increasing the rate of success by turning failures into learning opportunities.

Building Health

Our newest and greenest building, Building 35, brings together our commitment to sustainability and our people.

100 Million Miles and Counting

Our employee commuting program has saved 100 M driving miles since it's inception in late 2006.

Committing to Sustainability

As part of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) California Best Buildings Challenge, we've committed to reduce energy, water and waste by 20% in 2 years at select buildings at our main campus.

Saving Miles

Genentech's employee commuting program, the collective system of buses, bikes, shuttles, and carpools known as gRide, has saved 100 million driving miles since it's inception in late 2006.

Giving Back: 2012 Results

In 2012, the Genentech Gives Back program served 115 non-profits and received $200K in donations

Working for Patients

Genentech Access Solutions patients get the help they need to manage the challenges that come with care. These are some of their stories.

It's Time to Prioritize Quality of Care

Ask a hundred people with cancer what “quality of care” means to them and you’ll likely get a hundred different answers. Here are a few ways we think about quality of care.

Science is (Fun)damental

See what kids today think about the future of science

LGBT Best Place to Work

We received 100 points on the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation's 2012 Corporate Equality Index (CEI)!

Get to Know Us

How well do you know Genentech? Learn about who we are outside of the lab.

A Chance to Grow

Eastside Prep offers East Palo Alto students the opportunity to develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence to pursue a college education.

Dream Foundation

We help the Dream Foundation make dreams come true for adults facing life-threatening illness.

Renewing Our Commitment to Sustainability

We reached our 2014 sustainability goals, but we're not stopping there. Learn more about what we're working on for 2020!

Giving Back

In 2013, Genentech Gives Back Week kicked it up a notch, with thousands of employees online and in the community volunteering and fundraising for charity.

Gamifying Genetics

Who said science can’t be fun? Learn about maximum parsimony by playing a digital game that inspires the citizen scientist in all of us.

Preventing Flu is a Community Effort

There are important things you can do to help your community fight the flu – even if you’re young and healthy.

Unlocking A Cancer Paradox

Genentech scientists discovered a cancer paradox. How can blocking the same pathway have the opposite effect in two different types of cells?

Building Towards a Sustainable Future

In an effort to increase sustainability practices on our SSF campus, we've joined the US Green Buildings Challenge.

Patient Access

Genentech is committed to ensuring price is not a barrier to access for patients. Learn about our programs.

The Future of Care for Future Generations

Children deserve safe and effective medicines developed specifically for them.

20 years of Genentech Goes to Town

Meet some of the shop owners we've been celebrating for 20 years.
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