The Science of Good

We are committed to advancing science for the greater good.

As we tackle some of the world’s most complex health challenges, we do so knowing that diversity and inclusion drive innovation, that we must develop and deliver medicines in an environmentally, economically and socially responsible way, and that the ways we give back — through our charitable giving and employee time and talent — can have a powerful impact on our communities.

Dig Deep.

We believe we can make a difference by delivering on Our Promise to improve the lives of patients and create healthier communities for all.

That’s why we invest our philanthropic resources and employee expertise to foster innovation and advance sustainable solutions to disparities in healthcare and education. Our giving initiatives aim to diversify the scientific and healthcare workforce, advance a more just healthcare system, and build local partnerships to ensure our communities thrive.
Giving for a More Just Healthcare System

We believe philanthropy has a key role to play in remedying racial inequities.

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We believe that doing good begins in our own backyard. Futurelab is Genentech’s longstanding commitment to addressing STEM education barriers in South San Francisco, CA schools.

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The Resilience Effect

The Resilience Effect is our flagship philanthropic initiative committed to addressing the negative effects of childhood adversity on the health and well-being of Bay Area children and families.

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In addition to being passionate about their everyday work, people at Genentech care deeply about making a positive impact in their communities. It’s at the core of who we are.

Kristin Campbell Reed, Executive Director, Citizenship & Engagement and The Genentech Foundation

Everybody In.

We believe the best work happens when everyone has a voice.

Just as we value diversity of scientific approaches, we work to foster belonging within our own walls, advance inclusive research and health equity in our industry at-large, and transform society through partnerships across healthcare and education, and within all communities. We champion comprehensive, enterprise-wide initiatives to build educational and career pathways in science and medicine and foster a diverse future workforce.
Diversity & Inclusion

Fostering belonging for our people, advancing inclusive research and health equity for all patients, and investing in transformative partnerships that strengthen D&I across healthcare, education and within all communities.

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Advancing Inclusive Research

Clinical trials offer people with serious and life-threatening diseases a chance to receive investigational medicines that have the potential to improve health outcomes. At Genentech, we are deeply committed to addressing barriers to clinical trial participation, and work to recruit more representative populations into clinical research, enhancing personalized healthcare and establishing purpose-driven partnerships.

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Our Chief Diversity Officer

Learn more about our Chief Diversity Officer, Quita Beeler Highsmith.

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Take Care.

We believe we have a responsibility to protect the environment.

We view all aspects of our business – from the design of our buildings and workspaces to how we manufacture our medicines – through the lens of what the potential impact might be on people and the planet. To achieve our ambitious sustainability goals, we engage our employees in innovating and championing solutions that create a sustainable and healthy future.
Fighting Climate Change

Read how our parent company, Roche, is one of the most sustainable healthcare companies in the world.

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Sustainable by Design

We are mindful of the impact our buildings can have on our people and the planet. One of our newer buildings was designed according to four pillars: sustainability, wellbeing, community and innovation.

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Zero Emissions or Bust

Learn about the innovation and partnerships that are powering Genentech's sustainable e-bus program for commuters.

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