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Environmental Sustainability

Genentech applies the same science-based approach to environmental sustainability as we do to creating medicines for people with serious illnesses.

We have set goals for our South San Francisco Campus around energy & climate change, water use and waste to landfill, and are pleased to report on our progress thus far. In 2014, we completed our five-year goals that tracked our performance from 2009 to 2014. In 2015, we established 2020 goals that reflect an evolution in our approach, and more fully capture our overall environmental footprint and take into consideration science-based models for goal setting that have emerged since we set our last goals. These targets will continue to drive sustainability each and every day at Genentech.

In addition to the details on our 2009-2014 progress below, you can learn more about our efforts through our Environmental Sustainability Factsheet.

Our 2020 goals are to reduce our absolute CO2 emissions by 30% from onsite energy use and by 10% from transportation sources, to reduce our absolute water use by 20%, and to reduce waste to landfill per employee by 80%, based on 2010 levels.

How We're Doing

View our company-wide detailed data and supporting notes and explore our 2009-2014 trends below.

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"At Genentech, we take immense pride in being a great place to work, as evidenced by our inclusion on the FORTUNE 'Best Companies to Work For' list every year for over a decade. I believe that our corporate commitment to environmental sustainability and to health, safety and wellness contributes significantly to making Genentech a unique and special place to work."

- Ian Clark, CEO, Genentech