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Environmental Sustainability

We are investing in more efficient energy use, water conservation and waste reduction.

We're pleased to report on our sustainability commitments, including our goals for energy, water and landfill reduction, our 2009 – 2013 performance and recent achievements.

View the detailed data and supporting notes (PDF).

Note: Waste and energy goals are per employee. Water goal is 10% reduction per unit of production output in manufacturing buildings, 10% absolute reduction in non-manufacturing buildings and irrigation.

How We're Doing

Explore our 2009-2013 company-wide performance trends and infographics on our South San Francisco site goals below.

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"At Genentech, we take immense pride in being a great place to work, as evidenced by our inclusion on the FORTUNE 'Best Companies to Work For' list every year for over a decade. I believe that our corporate commitment to environmental sustainability and to health, safety and wellness contributes significantly to making Genentech a unique and special place to work."

- Ian Clark, CEO, Genentech