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We're passionate about helping people combat the world's hardest-to-treat diseases. So we constantly challenge ourselves to expand our scientific expertise, increase our technological understanding, and pursue our passion. To us, science is personal.
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Beginning the Journey: Research Biology


Making medicine starts with a team of world class scientists, state of the art research facilities, and deep inquiry into the underlying causes of disease.

The HER Pathway and Cancer

Dietmar Berger discusses the role of the HER2 receptor in metastatic breast cancer.

Clinical Fellowships

Our immunology program offers the experience needed to transform knowledge into practice

Scientific Research Board

An advisory group to the company around research and early development projects.

The RAS-RAF Pathway

Chris Bowden explains the RAS-RAF pathway, an important and evolving area of cancer research.

How We Work

Scientists know that the work they’re doing has a profound impact on people’s lives. In this video they talk about increasing the rate of success by turning failures into learning opportunities.

Meet our Scientists

Scientists are at the core of our business. Learn about what inspires them every day.

Call for Grants

Genentech is actively seeking applications for Independent Research Projects.

Genentech named FORTUNE Best Company

We're honored to earn a place on FORTUNE's "100 Best Companies to Work For" list for the 17th consecutive year.

Hunting for New Targets

Genentech Cancer Genome Project scientists are helping uncover the hidden genetic drivers of cancer. Learn more about these important findings.

Request for Research Materials

We support investigators in academia by supplying key reagents. Request proteins, antibodies, and cDNAs.

Breakthrough Alliance

Array biopharma and Genentech's strategic alliance was voted Breakthrough Alliance of 2012. Partner with us.

Support for Scientific Projects

We provide funding for general research, translational research, and other development projects.
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