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FAQs for Current Suppliers

Getting Started

  • How do I become a Genentech supplier? icon-down-arrow.png
  • What version of W9 must I provide? icon-down-arrow.png
  • I'm representing a non-profit organization. Do I still have to complete a W9? icon-down-arrow.png
  • How do I get set up as a supplier in your system? icon-down-arrow.png
  • Can other Genentech personnel use the Vendor ID no. assigned to my company? icon-down-arrow.png
  • My name, address, or tax status has changed. Do I need to submit a new W9? icon-down-arrow.png
  • Where do I submit my W9 form or inquiries? icon-down-arrow.png
  • When do you send out 1099 MISC forms? icon-down-arrow.png

Invoices & Payments

  • What are your Guidelines for Goods and Services? icon-down-arrow.png
  • Where do I send my invoices for payment? icon-down-arrow.png
  • Who can I talk to if I have questions about my invoice? icon-down-arrow.png
  • What must I include on my invoice for payment? icon-down-arrow.png
  • Are there alternative methods of invoicing? icon-down-arrow.png
  • What payment methods are available other than a check? icon-down-arrow.png
  • Why is my invoice blocked for payment? (Why has my invoice not been paid?) icon-down-arrow.png
  • When will my invoice be paid? icon-down-arrow.png

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