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California's Transparency in Supply Chains Law

Genentech has requested that all key suppliers that supply materials for use in our products comply with the Roche Supplier Code of Conduct, or an equivalent code of conduct. Genentech is in the process of ensuring that all suppliers have equivalent code or agree to the Roche Supplier Code of Conduct.

The Roche Supplier Code of Conduct provides, among other things, that our suppliers may not use any form of child, involuntary, or slave labor in the manufacture of the goods that are incorporated into products that we sell. We have the right to audit our suppliers and we conduct or use third parties to conduct routine announced audits of suppliers on a periodic basis. These audits look at numerous issues, including issues related to child, involuntary or slave labor in the supply chain. If any supplier is found to have used child, involuntary, or slave labor in the manufacture of products supplied to us, we will cancel all outstanding orders with such supplier. Because of the overwhelmingly positive response to Genentech's request that vendors comply with the Code, we have not required independent certifications of compliance.

We have conducted internal training on issues related to child, involuntary and slave labor with all of our global sourcing staff who have direct responsibility for supply chain management, as well as certain other management personnel and product buyers. Any employee who fails to abide by our procedures regarding forced labor will be subject to disciplinary action, including potential termination.