Compliance Overview

Genentech engages in research, development, manufacture, and marketing of biotechnology products for serious or life-threatening diseases. As a fundamental part of our corporate mission and values, we are committed to the highest standards of behavior.

These high standards are important to our success and represent how we operate as a business. These standards, which we call the U.S. Pharma Code of Conduct, apply to our officers and employees, as well as to our directors in their activities on our behalf.

The purpose of our Comprehensive Compliance Program is to assist us in maintaining compliance with the laws, regulations and company directives and guidance, to train our employees on these matters and to prevent, detect, and correct instances of non-compliance.

gCom Compliance and Ethics Phone Line

gCom is our Compliance and Ethics Phone Line. We created gCom to provide a confidential way for our employees, vendors and others to report issues, complaints or concerns about a suspected breach in ethics, compliance requirements, financial accounting or financial auditing matters, or company policy that has the potential to result in criminal or civil liability for the company.

Contact Information

1 (866) 411-gCom (411-4266)
24 hours a day, 7 days a week