Our Approach

We know that great science doesn't happen in a vacuum. We look to partner with the best and the brightest in the industry to advance research and bring new treatments to patients.

We’re known for exceptional science and pioneering medical breakthroughs. We bring that same innovative and entrepreneurial spirit to our partnerships.

For every new partnership, we structure the deal to reflect our partner's unique attributes and our combined drive to do the best science we can. We strive to work with the top scientists in the world, in a broad set of therapeutic areas, with the best tools and technologies, all with a singular goal: to help patients by enhancing our scientific drug discovery and development efforts.

Business Development

We want to build partnerships that create the most value for everyone involved.

We’re flexible. Our business development team custom designs collaborations to meet each partner’s needs. Deal structures range from traditional milestone and royalty deals to acquisitions and options. We often fund collaborative research.

We welcome opportunities to collaborate at any stage of discovery or development, between research and clinical proof-of-concept in the following areas:

Alliance Management

Today, approximately 50% of Genentech’s pipeline and marketed products derive from successful collaborations with companies and institutions from around the world.

It is important for both partners to have a productive business relationship as well as complementary scientific contributions. We typically provide an alliance manager as a main contact for business and relationship matters once the collaboration begins. This helps both teams stay focused on advancing science and delivering benefit to patients.

How the alliance manager benefits our partnerships:

  • Serves as a responsive resource to address business-related matters.
  • Efficiently manages basic business operations.
  • Anticipates needs in support of major decisions and events.
  • Engages with governance committees for strategic alignment.
  • Ensures a smooth transition to Roche's global development organization following Phase II proof-of-concept.