Product Security

We make medicines for some of the world’s most serious and life-threatening diseases, and protecting patient safety at each step of the supply chain is critical. We are committed to ensuring people can safely access our medicines when they need them.

Illegitimate medicines – medicines that may be counterfeit, adulterated, diverted or illegally imported - continue to pose a significant global threat to patient safety. These medicines are neither safe nor effective and have significant negative implications for public health. Several factors, such as technological advancements, globalization and the Internet, have enabled counterfeiters to more easily manufacture counterfeit goods and introduce illegitimate medicines into the supply chain.

What You Can Do to Protect Product Safety

Check product packaging, look out for:

  • Missing lot #, NDC#, expiration date or serialization #
  • External packaging, labeling, and inserts in a foreign language, spelling errors, or poor quality printing
  • Damaged, altered, unsealed, or open packages

Purchase only from legitimate suppliers, be cautious of:

  • New or unfamiliar suppliers
  • Offers for medicine at price that might be “too good” to be true
  • Rogue online pharmacies or social media accounts offering medicines for sale
  • Products in short supply or high demand are often targets of counterfeiters
If you believe a product is suspicious:

  • Quarantine, investigate, and properly handle suspect and illegitimate drugs
  • To verify or trace the product, send a request to [email protected] and include serial number, lot number, NDC number, and expiration date.

Important Contact Information

Product quality and authentication inquiries: Genentech Product Quality 1-800-334-0290

Report a side effect: FDA MedWatch Program FDA.GOV/MEDWATCH

Information about Genentech’s serialization efforts and DSCSA: [email protected]