Living 10 Years in the Future

We live in an age of incredible scientific discovery. Scientists can now sequence entire human genomes in just hours. They can turn skin cells into heart cells and can create computer chips that mimic how the brain works.

If your goal is to pair this type of world-class science with real human impact, there is no better place in the world to be than Genentech.

Every day, our teams work to solve some of the hardest biomedical problems in the history of mankind, always with the goal of putting patients first. To do this, we become more than just scientists. We become explorers. We become pioneering drug discoverers.

And as drug discoverers, we are never afraid of the unknown. In fact, we are attracted to it. Being a scientist at Genentech means living 10 years in the future and discovering transformative medicines for the people who need them.

To hear more about what life is like in Genentech Research and Early Development, watch the video below.

Living 10 Years in the Future


Being a scientist at Genentech means being a drug discoverer. Mike Varney, head of Genentech Research and Early Development, explains how this culture of innovation is helping to solve some of the hardest biomedical problems of our time.


Today, approximately 50% of Genentech’s pipeline and marketed products derive from successful collaborations with companies and institutions from around the world.

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