Akshay Krishnamurty - Principal Scientist, Cancer Immunology, Research Biology

Akshay Krishnamurty

Principal Scientist, Cancer Immunology, Research Biology

"My favorite part of working at Genentech is getting to do collaborative, team-oriented science with highly skilled and driven scientists, all with a collective goal of improving human health."
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My career at Genentech began in 2017 as a postdoctoral fellow in the Cancer Immunology department studying the cellular complexity of tumors. I quickly became interested in studying the role activated fibroblasts play in modulating the tumor microenvironment. In 2018 I transitioned to be a Principal Scientific Researcher as I was increasingly drawn toward learning how to leverage our basic science discoveries into potential therapeutic approaches and being part of the drug development pipeline. In 2021, I started my own research program as a Senior Scientist in the Cancer Immunology department to further our understanding of the interplay between stromal cells and immune cells in the context of cancer. Our hope is to leverage our findings to uncover novel biologies and develop innovative therapies for patients.

Featured Publication

A bird’s eye view of fibroblast heterogeneity:a pan-disease, pan-cancer perspective.

mmunological Review, 00, 1-22

Pradhan RN*, Krishnamurty AT*, Fletcher A, Turley SJ, Muller S (2021)

*co-first authors

Cross-tissue organization of the fibroblast lineage.

Nature, 593, 575-579

Buechler MB*, Pradhan RN*, Krishnamurty AT, Cox C, Calviello AK, Yang YA, Tam L, Caothien R, Roose-Girma M, Modrusan Z, Arron J, Bourgon R, Muller S, Turley SJ (2021)

*co-first authors

Lymph node stromal cells: cartographers of the immune system.

Nature Immunology, 4, 369-380

Krishnamurty AT*, Turley SJ*. (2020)

*co-corresponding author