Amita Joshi - VP Clinical Pharmacology, Development Sciences

Amita Joshi

VP Clinical Pharmacology, Development Sciences

"Patient Focused, Data Driven"
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I joined Genentech in 2000 as a Senior Scientist specialized in Clinical Pharmacokinetics and over the years have held various team and leadership roles leading to my current position as Vice President of Clinical Pharmacology. I have had the opportunity to see my individual impact on a number of biologics and small molecules and feel fortunate to work with such a talented and diverse group of passionate colleagues at Genentech.

In my role as head of Clinical Pharmacology, I am responsible for ensuring that the right dose and dosing regimen is identified for the successful approval of our medicine. We have done this by applying the principles of quantitative pharmacology to understand the pharmacokinetics of our medicines and better define drug exposure and response (safety/efficacy/ pharmacodynamics) relationships, determining appropriate dose/regimen for patients and dose adjustments for special populations (eg, pediatrics, elderly, organ impairment, ethnicity etc).