Ben-Quan Shen - Senior Fellow, PKPD, Development Sciences

Ben-Quan Shen

Senior Fellow, PKPD, Development Sciences

"Genentech's stimulating environment and opportunities to advance my career really attracted me here. I'm so excited to work with so many of the brightest and most innovative scientists to develop new treatments for some of the most difficult-to-treat diseases - all while positioning myself for personal success and staying competitive at the forefront of medical technology."
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I received a MD and MS degrees from China, then conducted Postdoc training at UCSF followed by working at Oakland Children’s Hospital as a Research Chemist. I joined the PKPD Dept. of Genentech in 1996. Currently I’m a Senior Scientist in the PKPD Dept.

Featured Publication

Conjugation site modulates the in vivo stability and therapeutic activity of antibody-drug conjugates.

Nat Biotechnol. 2012 Jan 22;30(2):184-9.

Shen BQ, Xu K, Liu L, Raab H, Bhakta S, Kenrick M, Parsons-Reponte KL, Tien J, Yu SF, Mai E, Li D, Tibbitts J, Baudys J, Saad OM, Scales SJ, McDonald PJ, Hass PE, Eigenbrot C, Nguyen T, Solis WA, Fuji RN, Flagella KM, Patel D, Spencer SD, Khawli LA, Ebens A, Wong WL, Vandlen R, Kaur S, Sliwkowski MX, Scheller RH, Polakis P, Junutula JR.