Bob Lazarus - Principal Scientist, Early Discovery Biochemistry

Bob Lazarus

Principal Scientist, Early Discovery Biochemistry

Postdoc Mentor
"Genentech is an incredibly exciting place to work. I love the opportunity to tackle complex biochemical, biological and medical problems in a multidisciplinary environment where I can collaborate with expert scientists with such diverse backgrounds. Great science, great people."
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I started working at Genentech in Jan 1983 after my PhD and postdoctoral studies in bioorganic chemistry and mechanistic enzymology at Penn State. I initially worked on biocatalysis projects (e.g. bioconversion of glucose to vitamin C), then transitioned to GP IIbIIIa antagonists from naturally occurring proteins as platelet aggregation inhibitors. Proteases, DNases, protein-protein interactions, peptide and protein scaffolds and protein engineering technologies to interrogate key biological pathways with activators or inhibitors have been my core areas of research. I have focused on serine proteases, pseudo-proteases and other targets using protein/peptide structure-function and allosteric regulation, generating both activators and inhibitors using both molecular and diversity approaches within a multidisciplinary group generating tools for drug development in diverse biological areas.

Postdoctoral Mentor

I have had the great privilege to mentor many talented postdoctoral fellows and students during my career at Genentech. I really enjoy the opportunity to work with them as they take on their research projects, unleashing their creativity and enthusiasm and going on to successful careers. They have a tremendous opportunity to work both independently and collaboratively and expand their knowledge and awareness of important biological problems as they interface across diverse disciplines.

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