Bob  Yauch - Director and Principal Scientist, Discovery Oncology

Bob Yauch

Director and Principal Scientist, Discovery Oncology

Postdoc Mentor
"Working at Genentech has been an incredibly rewarding experience, as I have seen first-hand how the fruits of our labor have made a difference in patients’ lives"
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I joined Genentech in January 2004 as a scientist in the Molecular Diagnostics department, following five years at a biotechnology company. I was attracted to Genentech based on their commitment to maintain a cutting-edge research environment, in addition to their emphasis on the clinical development of targeted therapies for the treatment of cancer.

My primary experience at Genentech has been in the area of developing predictive diagnostics and understanding patient response to our novel therapies. Genentech’s commitment to develop diagnostic tests for our therapies has helped to make personalized medicine a reality for cancer patients. More recently, I have been involved in managing and participating in oncology target discovery efforts in Research.

Postdoctoral Mentor

Genentech’s post-doctoral research program is an excellent opportunity for post-graduates to carry out cutting-edge scientific research in a highly collaborative environment that simultaneously exposes them to the drug development process. This experience is incredibly valuable in making the most informed future career decisions. Post-doctoral fellows in my laboratory have the ability to pursue independent projects related to drug resistance and cancer epigenetics.

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