Christina Schroeder - Senior Fellow, Peptide Therapeutics, Drug Discovery

Christina Schroeder

Senior Fellow, Peptide Therapeutics, Drug Discovery

Postdoc Mentor
"At Genentech I have the privilege to pursue basic and translational science in a cutting edge environment together with exceptional people who shares my desire to improve and advance patient outcomes."
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I joined Genentech in May 2022 as a Senior Fellow in the recently established Peptide Therapeutics Department. I have a long-standing interest in peptides as therapeutics commencing during my graduate studies when I first got introduced to disulfide-rich venom peptides modulating ion channels involved in pain pathways. Ever since then, I have focused my research on how we can harness natural bioactive peptide’s intrinsic ‘drug-like’ properties to develop novel therapeutics, probes and diagnostics for treatment and diagnosis for diseases with unmet needs.

I was attracted to Genentech because of the company’s commitment to improving patient outcomes through scientific excellence in translational and basic science combined with a commitment to high quality mentoring and training through a vibrant postdoc program. With all the exciting new targets arising from our advancements in the -omics fields combined with the giant leaps being made in AI and machine learning, I am excited to pursue peptides as an alternative modality in the ever-growing Genentech therapeutic portfolio.

Postdoctoral Mentor

Genentech has a large and exciting postdoctoral program providing high quality training and opportunities for postdocs to access the latest science, and state-of-the-art technology and methodology, learning from leaders in the field. I value being a postdoc mentor as I enjoy working on cutting edge basic science projects with enthusiastic and driven fellows as they set out to shape their scientific career, and I feel privileged to have this role within Genentech. Postdoctoral fellows in my laboratory have the opportunity to pursue independent projects in development and discovery of disulfide-constrained peptides to probe biological questions and identify novel targets.

Featured Publication

Recifin A, Initial Example of the Tyr-Lock Peptide Structural Family, Is a Selective Allosteric Inhibitor of Tyrosyl-DNA Phosphodiesterase I

Journal of the American Chemical Society 2020 142 (50), 21178-21188

Lauren R. H. Krumpe, Brice A. P. Wilson, Christophe Marchand, Suthananda N. Sunassee, Alun Bermingham, Wenjie Wang, Edmund Price, Tad Guszczynski, James A. Kelley, Kirk R. Gustafson, Yves Pommier, K. Johan Rosengren, Christina I. Schroeder, and Barry R. O’Keefe