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Christoph Spiess - Senior Principal Scientist (Technology), Antibody Engineering

Christoph Spiess

Senior Principal Scientist (Technology), Antibody Engineering

Postdoc Mentor
"Scientific creativity is the key to innovative and transformative drug development."
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I joined Genentech as a Scientist in Fall of 2007 after my graduate and postdoctoral studies focusing on protein folding. My scientific research shifted after joining the Antibody Engineering Department, and I meanwhile support drug development by protein engineering. In part, I was attracted to Genentech by the collaborative research environment that is providing the opportunity to engage with a diverse group of scientists to effectively and rigorously solve scientific problems with creative approaches.

My group is involved, among other things, in the development of technologies to produce bispecific antibodies for research and clinical development. It has provided me with the opportunity to establish new technologies to advance bispecific antibodies from research into Early or Clinical Development in a variety of disease indications.

Postdoctoral Mentor

Being a postdoctoral mentor is providing me with the opportunity to pursue research that is not linked to the immediate need of a pipeline project, but has the potential to become an impactful technology for future drug development. The scientific resources and expertise at Genentech allow us to pursue the most challenging questions with focus and creativity.

Featured Publication

Bispecific antibodies with natural architecture produced by co-culture of bacteria expressing two distinct half-antibodies.

Nat Biotechnol. 2013 Aug;31(8):753-8.

Spiess C, Merchant M, Huang A, Zheng Z, Yang NY, Peng J, Ellerman D, Shatz W, Reilly D, Yansura DG, Scheer JM.