Chun-Wan Yen - Sr. Principal Scientist, Synthetic Molecule Pharmaceutical Science, Drug Discovery

Chun-Wan Yen

Sr. Principal Scientist, Synthetic Molecule Pharmaceutical Science, Drug Discovery

Postdoc Mentor
Years at Genentech
Awards & Honors

I received my B.S. and Ph.D. from National Taiwan University and Georgia Tech in chemistry. I received an Oak Ridge Fellowship for my postdoctoral training at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 2018, I joined Genentech's Synthetic Molecule Pharmaceutical Science department (SMPS). I led the development of preformulation and formulation support for novel modalities, including peptides, oligonucleotides, mRNA, etc. In 2020, we started building the understanding of drug delivery approaches for the undruggable targets.

Postdoctoral Mentor

The postdoctoral mentor program at Genentech offers a unique opportunity to pursue fundamental science and work closely with the next generation of researchers. The discoveries of postdoctoral research could influence future drug development.

Featured Publication

Correlating the Structure and Gene Silencing Activity of Oligonucleotide-Loaded Lipid Nanoparticles Using Small-Angle X-ray Scattering

ACS Nano 2023, 17, 11454-11465.

Hammel, M.; Fan, Y.; Sarode, A.; Byrnes, A.E.; Zang, N.; Kou, P.; Nagapudi, K.; Leung, D.; Hoogenraad, C.C.; Chen, T.; Yen, C.W.*(co-corresponding author); Hura, G.L.*

Impact of non-ionizable lipids and phase mixing methods on structural properties of lipid nanoparticles formulations

Int J Pharm 2023, 637, 122874

Pratisinis, A.; Fan, Y.; Portmann, M.; Hammel, M.; Kou, P.; Sarode, A.; Ringler, P.; Kovacik, L. Lauer, M.E; Lamerz, J.; Hura, G.L.; Yen, C.W.*(co-corresponding author); Keller, M.*

Lipid nanoparticle delivery alters antisense oligonucleotide activity and cellular distribution in the brain

Molecular Therapy Nucleic Acids, 2023, 32, 773-793

Byrnes, A.; Dominguez, S.; Yen, C.W.; Laufer, B.; Foreman, O.; Reichelt, M.; Lin, H.; Sagolla, M.; Hotzel, K.; Ngu, H.; Sondergaard, C.; Estevez, A.; Lin, H.C.; Goyon, A.; Bian, J.; Lin, J.; Hinz, F.; Friedman, B.; Easton, A.; Hoogenraad, C.

Intraocular delivery considerations of ocular biologic products and key preclinical determinations

Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery, 2023, 16, 118

Huges, P*.; Rivers, H.; Bantseev, V.; Yen, C. W.; Mahler, H.-C.; Gupta, S.

Injectable polymer-nanoparticle hydrogel for the sustained intravitreal delivery of bimatopros

Adv. Therapeutics;, 2022, 2200207

Meany, E.; Andaya, R.; Tang, S.; Kasse, C.; Fuji, R.; Grosskopf, A.; d’Aquino, A.; Bartoe, J.; Ybarra, R.; Shelton, A.; Pederson, Z.; Hu, C.; Leung, D.; Nagapudi, K.; Ubhayakar, S.; Wright, M.; Yen, C.W.*(co-corresponding author); Appel, E.*

High-throughput screening and characterization of lipid nanoparticle formulations for nucleic acid delivery

American Pharmaceutical Review, Oct 2022

Fan, Y.; Yen, C.W.; Shi, Z.; Chen, T.

An integrated strategy for assessing the metabolic stability and biotransformation of macrocyclic peptides in drug discovery toward oral delivery

Anal. Chem.,  2022, 94, 2032

Guo, Y.; Ji, S.; Wang, W.; Wang, S.; Yen, C.W.; Hu, C.; Leung, D.H.; Plise, E.; Zhang, S.; Zhang, C.; Anene, U.; Zhang, D.*; Cunningham C.; Khojasteh, S.C.; Su, D.*

Predictive high-throughput screening of PEGylated lipids in oligonucleotide-loaded LNPs for neuronal gene silencing

Nanoscale Adv.,  2022, 4, 2107

Sarode, L.; Fan, Y.; Byrnes, A.; Hammel, M.; Hura, G.; Fu, Y.; Kou, P.; Hu, C.; Hinz, F.; Roberts, J.; Koenig, S.G.; Nagapudi, K.; Hoogenraad, C.; Chen, T.; Leung, D. Yen, C.W.*

Optimization of spray-drying parameters for formulation development at preclinical scale

AAPS PharmSciTech,  2022, 23, 28

Nespi, M.; Kuhn, R.; Yen, C.W.*; Lubach, J.W.; Leung, D.

Sustained delivery of ocular protein therapeutics

Chapter 4 of Implantable Technologies: Drug Delivery for Peptides, Biologics and Small Molecules by Royal Society of Chemistry, 2021

Rajapopal, K.; Yen, C.W.; Ranade, S.; Barteselli, G.; Hannoush R.N.

A systematic approach for liposome and lipodisk preclinical formulation development by microfluidic technology

The AAPS Journal 2021, 23(6), 111

Levy, E.S.; Yu, J.; Estevez, A.; Mao, J.; Liu, L.; Torres, E.; Leung, D.*; Yen, C.W.*

Impact of surfactant selection and incorporation on in situ nanoparticle formulation from amorphous solid dispersion

 Int J Pharm 2021, 607, 120980

Yen, C.W.; Kuhn, R.; Hu, C.; Zhang, W.; Chiang, P.-C.; Chen, J. Z.; Hau, J.; Estevez, A.; Nagapudi, K.; Leung, D. H.

Automated high-throughput preparation and characterization of oligonucleotide-loaded lipid nanoparticles

Int J Pharm 2021, 599, 120392

Fan, Y.; Yen, C.W. (co-first author); Lin, H.-C.; Hou, W.; Estevez, A; Sarode, A.; Goyon, A.; Bian, J.; Lin, J.; Koenig, S.G.; Leung, D.; Nagapudi, K.; Zhang. K.

Discovery of a Dual Pathway Aggregation Mechanism for a Therapeutic Constrained Peptide

J. Pharm Sci 2021, 110(6), 2362

Chen, T. et al., including Yen, C.W.