Dale Miles - Director & Distinguished Scientist, Development Sciences

Dale Miles

Director & Distinguished Scientist, Development Sciences

"It has been enormously rewarding to work shoulder to shoulder with top scientific minds in an organization so passionate about advancing medicines."
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I love the Genentech commitment to rigorous scientific investigation, data-driven decisions, and learning. Soon after joining the organization as clinical pharmacologist, I was given responsibility for developing key compounds within the heme oncology portfolio. This was an outstanding opportunity to obtain in depth knowledge of hematological malignancies and to collaborate with and learn from outstanding individuals across functions including clinical pharmacology, modeling and simulation, regulatory, nonclinical, DMPK, biomarkers, CMC, biostatistics and many more. I have learned so much and has opportunity to contribute so much more during my 4 years at Genentech compared to significantly longer tenures at other companies – there is really no comparison. Importantly, Genentech both as a company and as a group of really smart and dedicated individuals, provides the talent, experience, resources, and culture to unleash my potential to advance the development of anti-cancer therapies. I’ve found great personal satisfaction advancing novel treatments for aggressive non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which has afflicted both my brother and nephew early in their lives. It is easy to come to work each day with a clear sense of purpose and opportunity to make a difference for patients.

Featured Publication

Population pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic modeling of tumor growth kinetics in medullary thyroid cancer patients receiving cabozantinib.

Anti-Cancer Drugs 2016 27:328–341

Miles DR, Wada, DR, Jumbe, NL, Lacy, SL, Nguyen, LT