Domagoj Vucic - Principal Scientist, Early Discovery Biochemistry

Domagoj Vucic

Principal Scientist, Early Discovery Biochemistry

Postdoc Mentor
Staff Scientist
"Blocking cell death to prevent tissue damage"
Years at Genentech

My laboratory studies the biological role of regulators of cell death and signaling pathways (e.g. ubiquitination-mediated regulation of NF-κB pathways), and their involvement in cellular processes triggered by TNF family ligands and other pro-inflammatory stimuli. As part of this effort we are studying how ubiquitination, phosphorylation and other post-translational modifications affect functional properties of mediators of various signaling pathways including apoptosis, necroptosis and NF-κB activation. To this end we are exploring the therapeutic potential of targeting select kinases and ubiquitin ligases for the treatment of uncontrolled inflammatory responses and/or enhancement of the survival of damaged tissues.

Postdoctoral Mentor

I cherish the opportunity to coach young scientists and guide their energy and enthusiasm for science into well organized thoughts and carefully planned experiments that will lay the foundation for their future scientific careers.

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