Jen Hofmann - Computational Scientist III, Prescient Design

Jen Hofmann

Computational Scientist III, Prescient Design

Awards & Honors

I joined Prescient Design in May 2023 as part of the Structural & Computational Biology team. I first became interested in combining experimental and computational approaches to drug design at the National Cancer Institute, where I developed nucleic acid nanoparticles for siRNA therapeutic delivery. During my undergraduate studies at MIT, I fell in love with soft matter physics and worked on a number of computational projects related to antibody formulation and colloidal suspensions. I continued this research direction during my Ph.D. at Stanford, combining cell biology, rheology, and coarse-grained molecular dynamics. Throughout, I also developed various experimental skills, from high-throughput screening at Novartis, to microfluidics & device development at Covaris, and biomanufacturing as part of Genentech Global MSAT.

Featured Publication

Structure and Relaxation in Solutions of Monoclonal Antibodies

J. Phys. Chem. B 2018, 122, 11, 2867-2880

G Wang, Z Varga, J Hofmann, IE Zarraga, JW Swan