Joshua Webster - Distinguished Scientist (Pathology-Collaborative), Pathology, Research Biology

Joshua Webster

Distinguished Scientist (Pathology-Collaborative), Pathology, Research Biology

"Pathologic evaluations can provide unique insights into the mechanisms of disease and the phenotypic consequences of molecular alterations that impact both basic discovery and drug development."
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While receiving my doctorate of veterinary medicine at Michigan State University, I became increasingly interested in understanding the pathogenesis and mechanisms of disease. This interest led me to complete a Ph.D. focused on the characterization of prognostic biomarkers for canine cutaneous mast cell tumors, a common, but clinically heterogeneous form of skin cancer in dogs. Following my Ph.D. I completed a residency in anatomic pathology at Purdue University and subsequently became boarded by the American College of Veterinary Pathologists. I then continued to pursue my interest in investigative pathology by accepting a position as a staff scientist in the Molecular Pathology Unit of the Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Genetics at the National Cancer Institute. In this position, I served as a collaborative pathologist where I incorporated both traditional interpretative light microscopy and image analysis-based quantitative analyses to support basic scientific research at the NCI. In 2012, I jumped at the opportunity to join the Research Pathology group at Genentech, where I support early discovery and Immunology programs, and oversee the microscopy and digital pathology core laboratories within Pathology.

Featured Publication

RIPK1 inhibits ZBP1-driven necroptosis during development.

Nature. 2016 Dec 1;540(7631):129-133.

Newton K, Wickliffe KE, Maltzman A, Dugger DL, Strasser A, Pham VC, Lill JR, Roose-Girma M, Warming S, Solon M, Ngu H, Webster JD, Dixit VM.