Katie Hutchinson - Senior Principal Scientist Development, Oncology Biomarker Development

Katie Hutchinson

Senior Principal Scientist Development, Oncology Biomarker Development

"Every day is an adventure. I am amazed and humbled to be working alongside such talented individuals utilizing advanced scientific insights to drive toward a singular goal - to bring potentially life-changing, personalized therapies to patients with cancer."
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My career in biomarker science kicked off as a graduate student in the laboratory of William Pao at Vanderbilt University. Although the majority of William’s lab focused on molecular drivers of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), through collaborative efforts with top medical oncologists at Vanderbilt, I had the opportunity to explore novel fusion events that drive a significant fraction of melanomas and pancreatic cancers. I subsequently joined the Vanderbilt laboratory of Carlos Arteaga for my post-doctoral studies where my focus shifted to determine potential mechanisms of resistance endocrine therapy and cell cycle regulator inhibition in patients with hormone receptor positive breast cancer.

This work led to an opportunity to join the Oncology Biomarker Development (OBD) group at Genentech in late 2016. Continuing my passion to match the right patients to the right therapeutic agents based on tumor- and blood-based biomarkers, I have assumed a number of exciting biomarker lead roles for precision oncology small molecule programs addressing needs for both adult and pediatric patients with cancer.

Featured Publication

Comprehensive Profiling of Poor-Risk Paired Primary and Recurrent Triple Negative Breast Cancer Reveals Immune Phenotype Shifts.

Clin Cancer Res PMID: 31611282.

Hutchinson, K.E., Yost, S.E., Chang, C.W., Johnson, R.M., Schmolze, D., Liang, J., Yuan, Y. (2019)