Kelly Storek - Principal Scientist, Infectious Diseases & Host-Microbe Interactions

Kelly Storek

Principal Scientist, Infectious Diseases & Host-Microbe Interactions

"Microbes are intricately interconnected to human biology. It is a privilege to detangle these interactions and use microbes as next generation therapies to improve patients’ lives."
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Since my first undergraduate class looking at dirt under the microscope, I have been fascinated by bacteria. My career has focused on studying and manipulating bacteria alone and in communities, as well as interrogating how they influence inflammation and disease pathways in humans.

My training has spanned studying the virulence factors in aquatic fish pathogens to biofilm formation by Pseudomonas aeruginosa to human intracellular bacterial infections. After completing my postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University, I joined Genentech’s Infectious Disease Department in 2015 as a Principal Scientific Researcher discovering novel antibacterial compounds targeting Gram-negative bacterial pathogens. In 2020, I transitioned to a Senior Scientist and now lead a group centered on studying and engineering microbes to treat diseases.

Featured Publication

Monoclonal antibody targeting the β-barrel assembly machine of Escherichia coli is bactericidal.

Proc Natl Acad Sci.115(14):3692

Storek KM, Auerbach MR, Shi H, Garcia NK, Sun D, Nickerson NN, Vij R, Lin Z, Chiang N, Schneider K, Wecksler AT, Skippington E, Nakamura G, Seshasayee D, Koerber JT, Payandeh J, Smith PA and Rutherford ST. (2018)