Matthieu Masureel - Senior Principal Scientist, Structural Biology and Antibody Engineering (Joint Appointment)

Matthieu Masureel

Senior Principal Scientist, Structural Biology and Antibody Engineering (Joint Appointment)

Postdoc Mentor
"It is an incredible thrill and privilege to pursue scientific research & early drug discovery surrounded and supported by such talented, creative and dedicated colleagues."
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I joined the Department of Structural Biology at Genentech in early 2020, after graduate and postdoctoral research focused on studying the structure, function and conformational dynamics of membrane proteins, fascinating transport and signaling machineries that constitute a major but often challenging drug target class.

The opportunity at Genentech to contribute to early drug discovery while also advancing our scientific understanding of disease targets and uncovering the mechanism of action of the therapeutics we develop is a dream come true, satisfying both my intellectual curiosity and my desire to have an impact on patients' lives.

Postdoctoral Mentor

Mentoring people and watching them grow in their career provides me great satisfaction. Mentorship can only be paid forward, and Genentech is truly an exceptional environment to do so. Being a Postdoc mentor is a privilege that is earned and taken seriously at Genentech.

The postdoctoral program at Genentech provides Mentors with the opportunity to train the next generation of scientists while harnessing their enthusiasm, skills and unconstrained approach to explore new scientific avenues and stay at the forefront of a field or technique. In return, Postdocs get exposed to all the research biology, technology development and drug discovery activities, and benefit from the world-class facilities, knowledge and resources available. Postdocs often get the opportunity to work at the interface between basic research and drug discovery, but are also encouraged to pursue their own - even risky or ambitious - ideas.

Featured Publication

Structure of the core human NADPH oxidase NOX2

Nature Communications 13, 6079

Noreng S*, Ota N*, Sun Y*, Ho H, Johnson M, Arthur CP, Schneider K, Lehoux I, Davies CW, Mortara K, Wong K, Seshasayee D, Masureel M*#, Payandeh J, Yi T*#, Koerber JT*# (2022)