Mela Mulvihill - Principal Scientist, Biochemical and Cellular Pharmacology

Mela Mulvihill

Principal Scientist, Biochemical and Cellular Pharmacology

"What motivates me is tackling tough targets and I feel deep gratitude for the opportunity to work among such talented scientists and contribute to medicines that can improve the lives of patients."
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Therapeutic targets of interest have become more difficult to drug as we are challenged to drug the undruggable. Information-rich biophysical techniques can contribute critical data in our lead finding, characterization, and prioritization efforts for early stage small molecule drug discovery programs.

I began my career at Genentech in 2014 after receiving my PhD at UC San Diego focusing on protein biophysics and a postdoc at UC Berkeley using chemoproteomics to understand disease pathways. My group at Genentech is focused on identifying and characterizing small molecule modulators of therapeutic targets using biophysics

Featured Publication

Antibody Conjugation of a Chimeric BET Degrader Enables in Vivo Activity.

ChemMedChem (2020).

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