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Natasa Tagasovska - Machine Learning Scientist, Prescient Design

Natasa Tagasovska

Machine Learning Scientist, Prescient Design

Awards & Honors

I joined Prescient Design’s team at Genentech in January 2022. Before Prescient, I was a Senior Data Scientist at the Swiss Data Science Center at EPFL-ETHZ where I worked on translational projects applying machine learning to domain-specific and social science research efforts. I hold a PhD in Information Systems - Data Analytics track from University of Lausanne and a BS and MSC in Computer Science and Engineering.

Featured Publication

Distinguishing Cause from Effect Using Quantiles: Bivariate Quantile Causal Discovery

ICML 2020

Tagasovska, N., Chavez-Demoulin V., and Vatter T.

Single-model uncertainty estimates for deep learning

NeurIPS 2019

Tagasovska, N. and D. Lopez-Paz