Robinna Lorenz - Executive Director Research Management, Research Pathology, Research Biology

Robinna Lorenz

Executive Director Research Management, Research Pathology, Research Biology

"Pathology – the science behind the medicine."
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Over the past 20 years, my laboratory has successfully focused on gastrointestinal immune responses to both pathogenic (H. pylori) and commensal microbiota and the impact of these responses on systemic autoimmune diseases. In my clinical activities, I have been continuously involved in the Clinical Immunology Diagnostic Laboratories at both Washington University in St. Louis and UAB. I am board certified in Clinical Pathology and I have a longstanding involvement in the Academy of Clinical and Laboratory Physicians and Scientists (ACLPS), where I have helped to formulate their national curriculum for the teaching of clinical immunology. More recently, I was one of the leaders in the national dialogue on whether Pathology should form a research track for Pathology residents. This track was recently endorsed by the American Board of Pathology and is now available to Pathology residents who are training to become physician-scientists. In parallel with my research and clinical career, I have also been dedicated to physician-scientist education and training.

The opportunity to come to Genentech to help develop the talent within the department, as well as to drive innovation in drug discovery, was a perfect fit for my skills and expertise. In my short time here, I am already enthusiastic about the vision and future impact of the Research Pathology Department and I look forward to helping connecting scientists with creative solutions and collaborations.

Featured Publication

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