Rod Mathews - Senior Director Technology, OMNI Biomarker Development

Rod Mathews

Senior Director Technology, OMNI Biomarker Development

"The commitment to doing the best science to make a difference to patients is evident across the entire organization at Genentech, and an inspiration to me every day."
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I joined the biomarkers department at Genentech in 2010 after working for 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry. Prior to joining Genentech most of my career was spent in basic research, utilizing mass spectrometry and other bioanalytical techniques to identify and characterize novel targets and drug candidates. I was attracted to Genentech because of the opportunity to work in early clinical development where drug candidates are tested in humans for the first time. The OMNI Biomarker Development group works in collaboration with other groups in research and development to incorporate biomarkers into clinical trials which help ensure the right doses are tested, in the appropriate patient populations, and to understand the mechanism of action in patients. This allows us to not only bring new medicines to patients, but also to learn from all of our clinical trials, even unsuccessful ones, to better understand human disease and ultimately develop new therapies.

Featured Publication

Identification of longitudinally dynamic biomarkers in Alzheimer0s disease cerebrospinal fluid by targeted proteomics

Mol Neurodegener. 2014 Jun 6;9:22.

Wildsmith KR, Schauer SP, Smith AM, Arnott D, Zhu Y, Haznedar J, Kaur S, Mathews WR, Honigberg LA.