Rosa Barreira da Silva - Principal Scientist, Cancer Immunology, Research Biology

Rosa Barreira da Silva

Principal Scientist, Cancer Immunology, Research Biology

"The most encouraging advance in the field of immunology today is the realization that we can leverage T cells as therapeutics against cancer. It is extremely exciting to be working at the forefront of cancer immunotherapy research in such a vibrant and collaborative scientific community as Genentech."
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I have been interested in studying mechanisms that regulate immune cell function since I started my graduate work in the laboratory of Christian Münz, first at the Rockefeller University in NYC, and then at the University of Zurich. Characterizing the immunological synapse between dendritic cells and natural killer cells became the starting point for my scientific interest on understanding how immune cells are regulated in their response against cancer. I started my postdoctoral work at the Institut Pasteur in Paris and moved to Genentech in 2015, where I continued working with Matthew Albert and Ira Mellman, in the department of Cancer Immunology. My work focused on discerning druggable pathways that govern immune cell migration into tumors.

I became a Senior Scientist in the Department of Cancer Immunology in 2021. My group works to translate observations from immunotherapy clinical trials into research hypotheses with the aim of discovering and validating novel therapeutic targets. I am extremely fortunate to collaborate with many exceptionally talented scientists across Genentech, that inspire me every day.

Featured Publication

Loss of the intracellular enzyme QPCTL limits chemokine function and reshapes myeloid infiltration to augment tumor immunity

In revision at Nature Immunology.

Barreira da Silva R*, Leitão R, Pechuan X, Werneke S, Oeh J, Javinal V, Wang Y, Phung W, Everett C, Nonomiya J, Arnott D, Lu C, Hsiao Y-C, Koerber JT, Hotzel I, Ziai J, Modrusan Z, Pillow T, Roose-Girma M, Schartner JM, Merchant M, Rutz S, Eidenschenk I, *Mellman I, *Albert ML. (2022)

*Corresponding authors.

Dipeptidyl peptidase 4/CD26 inhibition reveals IL-33-dependent eosinophil-mediated control of tumor growth

Nat Immunol, 20:257-264

Hollande C, Boussier J, Bondet V, Lu B, Paradis V, Scatton O, Savier E, Mottez E, Buivan T, Llibre A, Duffy D, Mallet V, Ziai J, Phung W, Sandoval W, Eberl G, *Pol S, *Barreira da Silva R. *Albert ML. (2019)

*Equal co-senior contributors.

Dipeptidylpeptidase 4 inhibition enhances lymphocyte trafficking, improving both naturally occurring tumor immunity and immunotherapy

Nat Immunol 8:850-8.

Barreira da Silva R, Laird ME, Yatim N, Fiette L, Ingersoll MA, Albert ML (2015)