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Scott Pivirotto - Scientific Management, Clinical Pharmacology, Modeling and Simulation Analysts

Scott Pivirotto

Scientific Management, Clinical Pharmacology, Modeling and Simulation Analysts

"Clinical Pharmacology is where Data Science meets Drug Development. We seek out new data, tools, and methodologies to reduce cycle times and help get new therapies to the right population at the right dose."
Years at Genentech

I came to Genentech in 2017 after 20 years in Drug development working in both large Pharma and boutique CRO’s. I have always worked in roles supporting Clinical Pharmacology because for me the field perfectly encapsulates both the science of therapeutic intervention and the data from clinical development. I started my career working on the research bench in Human Genetics and Microbiology before switching to the Data Sciences. Clinical Pharmacology provides me the opportunity to continue to focus on both passions.

Genentech has been the perfect place to land for the second half of my career. As a Senior Manager leading the data programming team within the Modeling and Simulation group I have the opportunity to support all molecules and therapy areas. This broad view of the development pipeline is truly inspiring. As a member of the Clinical Pharmacology Leadership Team I can bring my years of experience to help optimize workflows, develop new data support methodologies, and discover new data sources to help the Scientists further impact drug development. What I appreciate most about Genentech is the encouragement and flexibility to always strive to be on the cutting edge, and the courage of senior management to allow individuals to take risks. It is truly a remarkable place to work.

Featured Publication

Interactive Dose Proportionality Analysis Using R Shiny.

American Conference on Pharmacometrics (ACoP), San Diego, CA, October 2018.

Qi Liu, Joseph Ware, Jin Y. Jin, Thomas Scott Pivirotto.