Shion Lim - Principal Scientist, Antibody Engineering, Drug Discovery

Shion Lim

Principal Scientist, Antibody Engineering, Drug Discovery

"It’s very fulfilling to work at a place like Genentech where I am constantly inspired to grow and innovate."
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I joined the Antibody Engineering Department at Genentech in 2020 after completing my postdoctoral work at UCSF where I investigated antibody-based strategies to target disease-specific neo-epitopes. Prior to this, I completed my graduate studies at UC Berkeley in protein biophysics.

I was drawn to Genentech because I wanted to be part of a scientific community with a strong commitment and proven track-record for delivering life-changing medicines for patients. I feel incredibly fortunate to collaborate with talented colleagues across the organization to discover and engineer the next generation of biotherapeutics.

Featured Publication

Engineering interferons and interleukins for cancer immunotherapy.

2022, Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 182, 114112.

Holder PG*, Lim SA*, Huang CS, Sharma P, Dagdas Y, Bulutoglu B, Sockolosky JT.

Targeting a proteolytic neoepitope on CUB domain containing protein 1 (CDCP1) in RAS-driven cancers.

2022, Journal of Clinical Investigation, 132, e154604.

Lim SA*, Zhou J*, Martinko AJ, Wang YH, Filippova EV, Steri V, Wang D, Remesh SG, Liu J, Hann B, Kossiakoff AA, Evans MJ, Leung KK, Wells JA.