Simon Williams - Distinguished Scientist and Senior Fellow (Technology), Biomedical Imaging

Simon Williams

Distinguished Scientist and Senior Fellow (Technology), Biomedical Imaging

Postdoc Mentor
"In the lab, visualizing biological processes inside living subjects to figure out some disease state or therapeutic action never gets old. And I’m excited about and grateful for the really great colleagues that both enable my work and give it direction in pursuit of our common goals."
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I joined Genentech in 1995 after completing a biochemistry post-doc with Kevin Brindle in Cambridge, England. I helped establish and grow the first MR imaging lab in the biotech business as part of the Neuroscience department. I have been working on non-invasive imaging to facilitate drug development at Genentech ever since, adapting the techniques of choice according to the business needs over time.

Postdoctoral Mentor

Post-docs aren’t part of our “day-job” drug development efforts, but having post-docs in the lab brings in wonderful fresh perspectives, approaches, and experiences that can help us find new directions or solve old problems. In return our core work ideally helps us line up unique scientific resources and topical collaborations so that their projects can move relatively quickly and have a big impact.

Featured Publication

Total-Body PET and Highly Stable Chelators Together Enable Meaningful 89Zr-Antibody PET Studies up to 30 Days After Injection

Journal of Nuclear Medicine March 2020, 61 (3) 453-460

Eric Berg, Herman Gill, Jan Marik, Annie Ogasawara, Simon Williams, Guus van Dongen, Daniëlle Vugts, Simon R. Cherry and Alice F. Tarantal

(front cover illustration for that issue in print)