Stefan Koenig - Distinguished Scientist (Chemistry), Small Molecule Process Chemistry

Stefan Koenig

Distinguished Scientist (Chemistry), Small Molecule Process Chemistry

"Working at Genentech provides an unparalleled opportunity to do amazing science while working to improve and extend patient’s lives."
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I arrived at Genentech in 2010 to join a nascent Process Chemistry team within the Small Molecule Pharmaceutical Sciences function. Though the group was initially tasked with delivering traditional pharmaceuticals focused on oncology, we have grown to impact a larger swath of the pipeline. This has included collaborative efforts to assemble new molecular constructs, explore extended release formulations, etc., in therapeutic areas such as immunologic, ocular, respiratory, and infectious diseases.

What I like about doing science at Genentech is that we intrepidly pursue medicines to treat unmet needs. Though it may take great effort, we are dedicated to finding the best treatment and consider what patients will require once our products reach them. Purposefully, the organization provides support to bring this vision to reality and encourages pushing the limits of chemistry to achieve our goals. We are also charged with publishing our findings so that the scientific community can benefit.

Featured Publication

Highly Efficient Synthesis of a Staphylococcus aureus Targeting Payload to Enable the First Antibody-Antibiotic Conjugate.

Chemistry. 2018 Feb 26;24(12):2837-2840.

Linghu X, Segraves NL, Abramovich I, Wong N, Müller B, Neubauer N, Fantasia S, Rieth S, Bachmann S, Jansen M, Sowell CG, Askin D, Koenig SG, Gosselin F.