Steven Magnuson - Senior Director of SMDD Strategy and Operations, Small Molecule Drug Discovery, Drug Discovery

Steven Magnuson

Senior Director of SMDD Strategy and Operations, Small Molecule Drug Discovery, Drug Discovery

"The challenges of drug discovery, the opportunity to work with amazing colleagues, and the rewards of helping patients – what a great job!"
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I got my PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Alberta and after a postdoctoral fellowship at Columbia University, I started my industrial career at Bayer. In 2007, I got the opportunity to work in the Discovery Chemistry Department at Genentech and help build a lead identification group as the small molecule effort expanded here. I was attracted to the company’s focus on science and helping patients. I’ve been able to work on projects throughout the drug discovery process from inception to clinical testing in different therapeutic areas. Every project is unique and the daily challenges of finding that ideal molecule means no two days are ever the same. Most recently I’ve shifted attention to portfolio strategy contemplating new areas of investigation as we reach into new target classes.

Featured Publication

A TRPA1 inhibitor suppresses neurogenic inflammation and airway contraction for asthma treatment

Journal of Experimental Medicine, ISSN: 15409538 00221007, DOI 10.1084/JEM.20201637

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