Teemu Junttila - Distinguished Scientist - Technology, Translational Oncology

Teemu Junttila

Distinguished Scientist - Technology, Translational Oncology

Years at Genentech
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I joined Genentech in 2006, initially as a post doctoral fellow. I transitioned to leading a research team in 2010. What attracted me to Genentech the most, and still does, is the unique opportunity to be involved in a drug discovery project from concept all the way to clinical development. The immediate proximity between discovery scientists and clinical scientists allows for unique synergy - my research can be rapidly guided by clinical signals without delay, which I find extremely motivating and rewarding. My role is to lead large molecule biology research that translates new antibody engineering technologies into oncology therapeutics. Currently, we are focusing on bispecific antibodies that can be used to redirect T cells to attack tumors.

Featured Publication

Membrane-Proximal Epitope Facilitates Efficient T Cell Synapse Formation by Anti-FcRH5/CD3 and Is a Requirement for Myeloma Cell Killing.

Cancer Cell. 2017 Mar 13;31(3):383-395.

Li J, Stagg NJ, Johnston J, Harris MJ, Menzies SA, DiCara D, Clark V, Hristopoulos M, Cook R, Slaga D, Nakamura R, McCarty L, Sukumaran S, Luis E, Ye Z, Wu TD, Sumiyoshi T, Danilenko D, Lee GY, Totpal K, Ellerman D, Hötzel I, James JR, Junttila TT.