Vishva Dixit - Vice President and Senior Fellow, Physiological Chemistry

Vishva Dixit

Vice President and Senior Fellow, Physiological Chemistry

Postdoc Mentor
"My mission is to further our knowledge of disease-related cellular signaling and to develop novel, high-impact therapeutics."
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I came to Genentech in 1997 to be Director of Molecular Oncology because the position offered a great opportunity to turn the bench-side science I had been doing into therapeutics that could make a meaningful impact on the lives of cancer patients.

After 10 years of heading up Molecular Oncology, I decided to devote more of my efforts to basic research to study the biochemistry of components of signaling pathways that often go awry in disease. The newly formed Department of Physiological Chemistry will devote its energies to this quest. This is in keeping with the Genentech philosophy of pursuing the best possible science in the quest for novel therapeutics that will meaningfully impact the lives of patients.

Postdoctoral Mentor

Postdoctoral fellows at Genentech keep us at the forefront of bio-medical research. I have been most fortunate to have trained a number in my laboratory. They have brought a tremendous spirit of excitement to the group with their discoveries and unbridled enthusiasm. Most have gone on to successful careers in academia and industry – something that gives me a great deal of satisfaction.



Featured Publication

Mechanisms and functions of inflammasomes.

Cell. 2014; 157(5):1013-22.

Lamkanfi M, Dixit VM.