Yan Wu - Senior Fellow and Vice President, Antibody Engineering

Yan Wu

Senior Fellow and Vice President, Antibody Engineering

"I am privileged to work with extremely talented scientists in a very collaborative environment at Genentech to bring therapeutic antibodies to the clinics that help patients."
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I joined Genentech as a postdoctoral fellow at Department of Molecular Oncology, and joined department of Antibody Engineering in 2012. It has been an extremely rewarding experience working at Genentech because of exciting and high quality of science, productive multidisciplinary collaboration, and opportunities to help patients. At Genentech, I have been working with various disease areas to develop antibodies for therapeutics and research. It is very gratifying to see the molecules you help developed on entering clinical trials and potentially helping patients. I am extremely proud to be awarded Inventor of the Year in 2016 for helping identify a marketed, breakthrough cancer immuno therapy that is truly helping cancer patients.

Featured Publication

Therapeutic antibody targeting of individual Notch receptors.

Nature 2010

Wu Y, Cain-Hom C, Choi L, de Leon GP, Chen Y, Wu X, Ridgway J, Schahin-Reed D, Dow GJ, Hagenbeek TJ, Stawicki S, Watts RJ, Zhang J, Choy R, Howard P, Kadyk L, Yan M, Callahan CA, Hymowitz SG, Siebel CW