Yulei Wang - Senior Fellow, Translational Medicine-Oncology, Translational Medicine

Yulei Wang

Senior Fellow, Translational Medicine-Oncology, Translational Medicine

Postdoc Mentor
"Making impacts on science and making impacts on patients. Being able to do both as a scientist at Genentech is incredible rewarding."
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I joined Genentech in 2011. As a Senior Principal Scientist in the Department of Oncology Biomarker, I lead the translation and reverse translation studies in liver cancer and ovarian cancer disease areas as well as global combination immunotherapy development. By integrating cancer genomics, digital pathology, ctDNA and single cell multi-omics in clinical biomarker studies, my team has gained novel insights into potential mechanisms of response and resistance to cancer immunotherapies.

Postdoctoral Mentor

Becoming a postdoc mentor has been the most exciting and rewarding experience for me. The postdoc program provides us an excellent opportunity to gain insights into disease biology and mechanism of response and resistance in drug development via cutting-edge translation and reverse translation research.

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Featured Publication

Single-cell dissection of cellular components and interactions shaping the tumor immune phenotypes in ovarian cancer.

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