Yvonne Franke - Director, BioMolecular Resources, Drug Discovery

Yvonne Franke

Director, BioMolecular Resources, Drug Discovery

"I feel fortunate to be part of a company that positively impacts the lives of countless patients. I am inspired by my daily interactions with colleagues and by the unique culture at Genentech."
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I started my career at Genentech in 2006 as a Molecular Biologist in the Protein Expression Group of the Structural Biology Department. Ever since, I have been fortunate to be part of an amazing journey this team has undertaken. I am proud that our responsibilities have grown significantly over time and we are now, as the BioMolecular Resources Department, applying our basic platforms in molecular biology, high-throughput protein expression and production, as well as sample management to impact projects across the organization. I am grateful that Genentech has provided me with many growth and learning opportunities and to be part of the drug discovery process. I continue to have the privilege to work with many talented scientists across the organization and am truly intrigued and inspired by the collaborative spirit and the unique culture at Genentech.

Prior to Genentech, I was a Scientist at Exelixis Inc., focusing my work on mechanism of action studies using model organisms. I received my postdoctoral training at Stanford Medical School in the Department of Human Genetics, an area I am still very passionate about and hope to stay connected to.

Featured Publication

Wnt antagonists bind through a short peptide to the first β-propeller domain of LRP5/6.

Structure. 2011 Oct 12;19(10):1433-42.

Bourhis E, Wang W, Tam C, Hwang J, Zhang Y, Spittler D, Huang OW, Gong Y, Estevez A, Zilberleyb I, Rouge L, Chiu C, Wu Y, Costa M, Hannoush RN, Franke Y, Cochran AG.