Zhen Shi - Senior Principal Scientist, Translational Medicine - Oncology

Zhen Shi

Senior Principal Scientist, Translational Medicine - Oncology

Postdoc Mentor
"Translational research is extremely powerful - it is such a privilege to learn directly from our clinical trials to tackle the fundamental questions such as mechanisms of action and resistance to anti-cancer treatment."
Years at Genentech
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I obtained my Ph.D. from Harvard, studying small non-coding RNAs,  genome evolution and speciation in nematodes with Gary Ruvkun. My passion for RNA led me to pursue postdoctoral training with Maria Barna at Stanford. Our research suggest that the translation machinery exhibits heterogeneous compositions with specialized roles in the cell. 

In 2017, I joined Genentech for the unique opportunity to translate cut-edge science into transformative medicine for patients. The ethos of “doing now what patients need next” inspires me daily. As a Senior Principal Scientist in Translational Medicine Oncology, I lead the forward and reverse translation studies for KRAS targeted therapies in colorectal cancer and lung cancer disease areas. Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies such as cancer genomics, single cell and spatial omics, mass spectrometry and liquid biopsy, our group aims to gain unique insights into the mechanisms of response and resistance to RAS/MAPK targeted therapies. 

Postdoctoral Mentor

The postdoc community in Genentech keep us at the forefront of translational research. I am enthusiastic about taking on the role of a mentor for the next generation of scientists, guiding those who aspire to address fundamental questions related to human health.

Featured Publication

Comprehensive pan-cancer genomic landscape of KRAS altered cancers and real-world outcomes in solid tumors.

npj Precesion Oncology.

Lee, J., Sivakumar S., Schrock A., …, Ou, S., Shi, Z.

Assessment of KRAS G12C Target Engagement by a Covalent Inhibitor in Tumor Biopsies Using an Ultra-Sensitive Immunoaffinity 2D-LC − MS/MS Approach.

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Functional Mapping of AKT Signaling and Biomarkers of Response from the FAIRLANE Trial of Neoadjuvant Ipatasertib plus Paclitaxel for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer.

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Shi Z, Wulfkuhle J, Nowicka M, Gallagher RI, Saura C, Nuciforo PG, et al.