Building Health

The newest building on our South San Francisco campus, Building 35, began in familiar territory—as an experiment. We wanted to create a space that was not only a nurturing work environment, but environmentally friendly as well.

Critically, how could we ensure that the building design would perform the way we hoped once it was in operation? We couldn’t figure that out in our own labs, but thankfully we found a partner in the Department of Energy’s FLEXLAB at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory who could help us. This research enabled us to make better, more sustainable, decisions about building design and features. As a result, B35 will consume 29 percent less energy than the national energy standard for new office buildings.

We like data, and so in addition to FLEXLAB, we joined the US Green Building Council Northern California Building Health Initiative, a partnership that enables us to work across sectors to share best practices and learn from other green buildings, as well as accelerate the development of transparency standards in building materials.

We’re proud to share B35, have a look around: