Our Promise

Genentech's legacy and future aspirations are built on the belief that the boundaries of science are meant to be broken and that we can solve some of the hardest biomedical challenges plaguing humankind. Our history is marked by explorers tirelessly working to make seemingly impossible ideas a reality and an incredible track record of improving people's lives. The drive to be bold and courageous changemakers – not only in science but for society – unites everyone working here today.

That's why we created Our Promise — a commitment to ourselves, each other, patients and society. It's our north star that captures the essence of who we are today, who we strive to be in the future, and the impact we aim to have on people’s lives.

And we're sharing that promise not only within our own community, but with all the communities we touch, so you can all help hold us accountable to deliver on these commitments.

What is Our Promise?

Our Promise in Action

Our Promise is the foundation for realizing our ambitions for serving patients and society. And we’re confident we can reach these ambitions because we’ve seen the remarkable achievements we’re capable of when we partner and focus on tackling the most significant human health issues.

Genentech pioneered the biotechnology industry and revolutionized how we treat some of the most complex health problems. As the original risk-takers, our transformational discoveries include the first personalized medicine for cancer and the first medicine for primary progressive multiple sclerosis. Today, we continue to lead the industry — only our quest is bigger and bolder.

We are galvanizing the greatest minds across all parts of our business to make lasting improvements in healthcare for all patients. This includes transitioning to a novel approach to customer engagement focused on local healthcare ecosystems, developing state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and integrating AI in discovering innovative molecules. We’re disrupting the status quo by leveling the barriers to clinical trial participation, driving inclusive research by recruiting patients from underrepresented communities, and conducting studies to understand best practices in study screening and selection. These are examples of how we are working to achieve our vision of a healthcare system that is diverse and inclusive, accountable and trustworthy to patients.

We are also putting equity at the center of how we give by investing in historically under-resourced, community-driven solutions that have the power to build a diverse talent pipeline and promote lasting, widespread improvements in healthcare that change patients’ lives. And we are dedicated to unlocking advances in data and technology, driving more innovation at lower costs, and partnering across society to take on systemic issues that stand in the way of better healthcare for all.

Our Promise in the Future

While we continue to celebrate our impact over our nearly 50-year history, we're also daring enough to know we're just getting started and aim to continue delivering life-altering treatments that improve countless lives for the next 50 years and beyond.

Together, we can improve all patients' health and quality of life and be a catalyst for driving positive change in society. This requires fostering a diverse group of fearless leaders, bringing Genentech changemakers together alongside trusted partners to achieve a whole that is truly greater than the sum of our parts. We remain dedicated to creating a culture of inclusivity, integrity, and creativity – empowering each other to grow, continuing to ask bigger questions and challenging our industry to be better.

For us, it's not enough to simply say it. It's up to us to deliver on Our Promise and invite you to join us to advance health for the greater good.