T Cells Attack

You have the power to fight cancer in T Cells Attack, a new game for your computer or mobile device. Did you know your immune system completes seven steps in a complex cycle to seek out and destroy mutinous cells? In Step 7 of the Cancer-Immunity Cycle, T Cells kill cancer cells but some cancer cells have evolved ways of hiding from the immune system. In this game, reveal hidden cancer cells to help T Cells find and destroy them.

Disclaimer: This game is primarily for entertainment and not intended to teach or be scientifically accurate, but rather to simply raise awareness and interest in the science behind the Cancer-Immunity Cycle. Learn more about the Cycle.

Click here to Play T Cells Attack

(this game has been optimized for recent Macs, PCs using Chrome, IE10, Firefox, Safari, iPhone 6, recent iPads. Older devices may encounter performance issues)