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New Supplier Portal Launching in 2022: myBuy GEP SMART

Genentech and Roche are launching a new supplier portal in 2022: myBuy GEP SMART Powered by a cloud-based solution from our third-party partner, GEP, the new portal is designed to make it easier to do business with Genentech and Roche.

Our plan is to gradually replace existing systems, such as Ariba Network, and manual processes by the end of 2022.

During the transition, suppliers may need to operate in two environments. They may receive purchase orders in myBuy GEP Smart and through existing systems. There will be no duplicates – please respond to all purchase orders.

What suppliers can do in myBuy GEP SMART

  • Update supplier profile in real time
  • Digitally sign contracts
  • Connect eCatalogs
  • Receive and acknowledge purchase orders
  • Create and send invoices, credit invoices
  • Track and monitor invoice status

Ready to Get Started with myBuy GEP SMART?*

  • Frequent suppliers should have received an email invitation to join myBuy GEP SMART. Please follow the instructions to validate your profile and contact information.

  • New suppliers may be invited by Genentech to create a myBuy GEP SMART account prior to doing business with us. For those that already have a SMART by GEP account, please login with your existing credentials.

*Registration and use of myBuy GEP SMART is free.

On Demand Resources

These resources will help you understand how to register for and use myBuy GEP SMART effectively. There are also answers to frequently asked questions.