Our healthcare system is failing too many patients, so we’re doubling down on bold new ideas to root out inequities for good.

As the pioneers of the biotech industry, it’s our responsibility to catalyze change and help build a healthcare system where all patients can benefit equally from groundbreaking medical advances. That’s why we launched the Genentech Health Equity Innovation Fund in 2019 to invest in game-changing ideas with the potential to transform healthcare.

Through the Innovation Fund, we are working to eliminate the unjust inequities that force patients of color to navigate a broken system. But our impact also extends much further. Racial and ethnic health disparities currently cost our society almost $500 billion annually, and by addressing them, we can improve the lives of everyone.1

Why We Invest: Patients Deserve Better

Though our industry has known for decades that racism negatively impacts health outcomes for people of color, there has been little progress to fix it2 – and patients deserve better. Stark inequities persist, including:

Black and Latinx/Latine people are 2-3 times more likely to develop diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macular edema, and are less likely to have access to screening.3

Black and Indigenous people remain underrepresented in the healthcare workforce4, meaning healthcare providers aren’t as diverse as their patients.

Fewer than 20% of new drugs between 2014 and 2021 had clinical study data on benefits or side effects for Black patients.5

Our Investment By The Numbers

We prioritize funding for teams with bold new ideas and firsthand experience with the equity challenges their work addresses. This has included efforts to increase clinical study enrollment, improve health equity and anti-racism education for future healthcare providers, diversify the nursing workforce and more.

To continue funding this important work, the 2024 Innovation Fund is awarding an additional $10M+ in grant funding to 10+ grantee partners.

allocated through four rounds of funding since 2019*

grantees supported through the Innovation Fund*

of grantees see greater buy-in for health equity work as a result of their funding

*Includes anticipated investments in the 2024 grantee cohort

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Applicant FAQ

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Through the Innovation Fund, Genentech is pursuing bold and creative approaches that support our companywide D&I commitment to transforming society. By funding solutions to address the structural forces driving inequity, we can benefit more patients and increase our society-level impact. That's why we've invested more than $200 million in equity-focused giving like the Innovation Fund since 2017.

Fritz Bittenbender, Senior Vice President, Genentech Public Affairs and Access

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