Corporate Giving

At Genentech, we invest in bold ideas and innovative solutions that address systemic inequities in science and medicine to advance a more just healthcare system. We focus on efforts that diversify the scientific and medical workforce, advance health equity, and help our communities thrive. We also further advance excellence in medicine and healthcare through our grants for independent medical education.

There are multiple ways to apply for funding. Before you submit an application, we encourage you to explore the following materials to learn more about our opportunities for funding, eligibility requirements and considerations, and the process for submitting a proposal within our Funding Request System (gFRS).

Ways We Grant

Invitation-Only & Limited Rolling Grants Aligned With Our Giving Priorities

We extend invitations for funding throughout the year. We also review and award a targeted number of rolling submissions that are aligned to the strategic focus areas of our grantmaking.

Learn about our focus areas

Requests for Proposals (RFP)

We actively solicit proposals to meet specific objectives.

Learn more about our RFPs

For information about requests for Independent Medical Education grants, please visit us here.

For information about requests for Independent Co-pay Assistance Foundation Charitable Support, please visit us here.

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The Fine Print

What to know and materials to gather before you apply.

  • Your organization must be recognized by the IRS as a tax exempt, public charity under sections 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code and be located in the United States (or have W8-BEN status if not located in the United States); or be a US governmental organization (such as public schools, public colleges and universities, public hospitals and federally recognized Indian tribal governments).
  • Grant requests must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the project/program/event start date.
  • You’ll need the following materials to submit your application:
    • W-9 Form (Please note you will need the most current version of IRS form, signed within one year of application submission)
    • Detailed / Itemized Budget
    • Details for Preferred Payment Method (Electronic vs Check)
    • Identification of Authorized Letter of Agreement (LOA) Signer (Please note this person must be authorized to sign a contract on behalf of the organization)

Funding Restrictions

  • Your organization must not be:
    • A political or sectarian organization
    • An individual, group practice, or private physician office
    • Owned in whole or in part by a physician or a group of physicians
    • A charitable foundation of a small group practice (less than 50 physicians)
    • An organization with a written policy to discriminate based on race, religion, gender, gender expression and/or identity, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, military status, or any other protected status is ineligible for funding.
  • Funding may not be used for:
    • The purpose of developing clinical practice guidelines, e.g., statements that include recommendations intended to help practitioners make appropriate health care decisions for specific clinical conditions
    • Religious purpose, capital campaigns, capital infrastructure projects
    • Promotion of a Genentech or Roche product or to influence formulary decisions
    • The 25% limit on indirect administrative overhead costs does not apply to general organizational support grants. Please review our full policy here.
    • Students / fellows / scholars that have been identified or selected prior to the funding decision.
  • Please note that:
    • Genentech typically only funds programs, projects, and events that are US-based. Learn more about funding through our parent company, Roche, for projects outside of the U.S.
    • For community-focused programs, additional consideration is given to requests based in areas where Genentech has a presence (South San Francisco, Vacaville, and Oceanside, CA as well as Hillsboro and Portland, OR).
    • Additional restrictions may apply where applicable.

Funding Process – What to Expect*

*Please note the funding process for RFPs may include additional steps.

1. Review Online Resources

Click here for video tutorials, one-page tip sheets, and FAQs on how to use the funding request system.

2. Submit Application via our Funding Request System (gFRS)

You will receive a confirmation email upon submission.

3. Genentech Reviews

Your request will be reviewed for alignment to strategic focus areas and compliance to Genentech's policies

4. If Additional Information is Needed

If we need more information to make a decision, you will receive a Request for Information (RFI), or hear from a team member directly.

5. Decision

You will be able to track the status of an application and will receive an email communication regarding the final decision.

6. Letter of Agreement

If approved, your organization will need to enter into a Letter of Agreement (LOA) with Genentech in order to receive funds.

*Please note that our Funding Request System works best in Chrome and Safari

For requests for support outside of the United States, please visit:

To learn more about Genentech's charitable contributions to patient organizations, please visit: